Monday, May 25, 2009


At a time when too many political staffers and ivory tower academics are presenting themselves as health care experts, it’s a pleasure to read the words of someone who actually has the expertise to justify the term.

Dr Jaan Sidorov writes a terrific health care blogthe Disease Management Care Blogfocusing primarily on disease management, but also ranging across much of the spectrum of health care policy.

Two things set Dr Sidorov’s blog apart. First, he has real world experience—including serving as Medical Director of the Geisinger Health Plan, where he initiated Geisinger’s disease and case management programs. Second, he writes one of the most literate—and often witty—columns in the blogosphere. If you want to track what’s really working or not working in the area of care coordination and disease management, or just get a different view of the health care world, take a look at DMCB.

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